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Photoshop Clarity Action for Photographers

Photoshop Clarity Action for Photographers

Most RAW processing tools (e.g. Lightroom, Capture One, Adobe Camera RAW) do many things brilliantly.  Indeed, many landscape photographers consider them to be the only tool they need to use during post-processing.   These programs tend to have a clarity slider which allows you to adjust the dynamic contrast of the whole image.  This allows you to adjust the overall clarity, but it does not increase the clarity on a very small scale within the landscape photograph.....

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Landscape Photography Essential Photoshop Layers - Free Photoshop Action

Landscape Photography Essential Photoshop Layers Action by Stephen Dickey

Click here to download the action

Developing a consistent Photoshop workflow is an important part of improving your landscape photography.  I normally use Lightroom to convert from RAW, and then use several layers in Photoshop to create my final landscape photograph.

Download this free Photoshop action by clicking the link above.  Run it in Photoshop and you will see that the following layers have been created:

1) Shadow/Highlight layer: Run the shadow/highlight tool on this layer to balance your exposure.  

2) Curves: Drag the curve on this layer into a shallow S-curve to add a little contrast to your image.

3) Levels: Use this tool to adjust the brightness, white point and black point in your image.  I recommend adjusting this layer last.

4) Hue/Saturation: Adjust the saturation of individual colour channels to taste.

5) Selective Colour: The most useful colour tool in Photoshop and the least well known.  Experiment!

I use this action when processing most of my Northern Ireland landscape photographs.  I hope you find it useful!