The importance of light in landscape photography.

People often ask me if the colours in my landscape photography have been enhanced in some way.  My answer is always the same - I tell people that if they stop the next time they are outside at sunrise or sunset and take the time to stop and watch the landscape, they will see amazing colours too.

This can be easily demonstrated by the two landscape photographs shown below which were taken at Ballintoy, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.  Taken just minutes apart and developed in the same way, they demonstrate perfectly the importance of light in landscape photography.


When we look at the distant cliffs in the image above they would be described as white/grey.  However, when bathed in the intense and direct light of sunset as seen below, they turn gold in colour.  The same with the cliffs just in front of me - dark and colourless above, but in the right light they become vibrant and interesting.  So, landscape photography really is about those fleeting moments as the cliffs were golden for roughly 30s before the sun disappeared behind the clouds again.  When you find a nice scene, be patient, you never know what could happen!